EMEDO Participates in Protein Week 2024, Highlighting Drowning Prevention Efforts.

Dodoma, Tanzania – May 15, 2024

EMEDO participated in the Protein Week 2024 Exhibition held at the Parliament Area in Dodoma from May 13-14, showcasing their Lake Victoria Drowning Prevention Project. The event, spearheaded by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, provided EMEDO with an opportunity to engage with Members of Parliament (MPs) and other stakeholders to address the critical issue of drowning prevention among Tanzania’s fishing communities.

During the exhibition, EMEDO’s booth attracted significant attention, with visits from 14 MPs and 30 other stakeholders. The organization aimed to raise awareness about World Drowning Prevention Day (WDPD), enhance project visibility, and discuss the accessibility and affordability of safety equipment for fishers. Key issues highlighted included the need for broader discussions on drowning prevention across all Tanzanian water bodies and the gaps in drowning data.

EMEDO’s engagement with high-level officials resulted in several promising opportunities. A special meeting with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, Prof. Riziki Shemdoe, was secured, where he praised the project and emphasized the need for its expansion. Potential collaborations with WWF Tanzania were also discussed, along with commitments from two MPs, Hon. Aida Khenan and Hon. Felix Kavejuru, to join the Champions team advocating for drowning prevention policies.

Feedback from visitors to the EMEDO tent was overwhelmingly positive. Hon. David Silinde, Deputy Minister of Agriculture, highlighted the importance of fishers’ safety. Hon. Emmanuel Ole Shangai stressed the need for tracking the project’s impact on the community, while Hon. Aida J. Khenan raised concerns about the ministry’s budget deficiencies regarding fishers’ safety and pledged to advocate for the project in Parliament.

Other notable engagements included discussions with Dr. Amani Ngusaru of WWF Tanzania, who expressed interest in collaborating on Ocean Risk Governance, and Edgar Kagashe of SAMEKI Limited, who invited EMEDO to provide water safety education at their caged fish farming project. Davis V. Mpotwa of Marine Parks and Reserves Tanzania expressed the need for quality lifejackets and discussed the potential purchase of approximately 130 lifejackets for their employees.

The Protein Week 2024 Exhibition provided a crucial platform for EMEDO to advocate for drowning prevention, engage with key policymakers, and explore collaborative opportunities. The positive feedback and commitments from various stakeholders underscore the importance of this initiative and the need for continued efforts to enhance water safety for Tanzania’s fishing communities.

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